Designers, Manufacturers and Suppliers

With many years of experience in the design and manufacture of gas regualtors, manifolds and other specialised gas control equipment. Gascon Systems provide a quality service to the Industrial, Scientific and Medical gas markets where solutions for demanding and unique equipment is required to control gas.


Equipment designed and manufactured to specific customer requirements is a key strength of Gascon System’s business. Gascon can provide practical solutions to those gas control problems that cannot be solved over the counter at a standard gas equipment supplier or distributor. Special application products specifically developed with customers have produced significant commercial success for these customers. Advice on equipment selection for performance and safety is just part of the service.


With a modern machining, assembly and test facility, equipment can be manufactured or standard equipment modified to meet customer requirements.

All Gascon Systems regulators and manifolds are manufactured here in Melbourne. The majority of components are sourced from local suppliers; specialised components from Europe and the USA. 


Gascon Systems has an extensive product range purpose designed for the Industrial, Scientific, Medical and Aviation markets.


Industries Served




Gascon Systems is a distributor of gas equipment for Concoa (USA).

Gascon Systems is an approved supplier to the Australian Defence Forces.

Special Projects

The Gascon design team has developed a number of special purpose gas control solutions which are now in use and have produced commercial benefits for the clients.

Projects include  :